Mary Murray, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

University Professional Center

10333 Seminole Blvd. Suite #6

Largo, FL 33778

Mondays & Thursdays: 11AM – 7PM Tuesdays 10AM-7PM – Friday 10AM-4PM Closed Wednesdays

Services Provided

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

Dr. Murray completed the training to qualify her as a Master practitioner of ART.


The goal of Accelerated Resolution Therapy is that, in an average of one to four sessions, the client will experience decreased or eliminated symptoms associated with the problem or disorder that they came to therapy to treat. A randomized study of ART used for PTSD demonstrated that 70% of the participants experienced a substantial reduction in their PTSD symptoms. Clients report similar outcomes to problems connected to other issues listed below.


ART therapists are taught to co-create a goal for the client to reach by the end of each ART therapy session. A typical goal will be that the client will show improvement in a measure called subjective units of distress (SUDs) that they experience from their issue.


ART studies and clients who have participated in ART report encouraging results when therapists use ART for disorders and problems, including:

◉ Anxiety

◉ Depression

◉ Phobias

◉ Panic Attacks

◉ Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

◉ Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

◉ Performance Anxiety

◉ Family Issues

◉ Victimization/Poor Self-Image

◉ Relationship Issues/Infidelity

◉ Codependency

◉ Grief

◉ Job-Related Stress

◉ Pain Management

For more general information about ART, click on the link below.

Accelerated Resolution

Individual Counseling, Ages 13 to 85

Therapy approaches include:

◉ Accelerated Resolution Therapy

◉ Emotional Freedom Therapy and Other Energy Psychology Methods

◉ Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy

◉ Psychodynamic Therapy Approaches

◉ Visual Imagery

◉ Hypnotherapy

◉ Brief Therapy

Psychological Testing

◉ Testing for ADHD

◉ Academic Testing

◉ Personality Testing

◉ Intelligence Testing

◉ Memory Testing

◉ Testing for Dementia

◉ Testing for Disability Determination

◉ Learning Disability Testing

Couples Counseling

◉ Pre-Marital Counseling

◉ Marriage Counseling

◉ Relationship Counseling