Specializing in ADHD, Anxiety Disorders and Depression for Teens and Adults

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**New Therapy Method Now Offered**
Corehealth Heart Forgiveness Groups
 Heart Forgiveness is a method that offers a quick, deep and practical approach for anyone who struggles with emotional pain. This approach offers lasting help for individuals with anger issues, depression, loss of hope, low self-esteem, anxiety and relationship difficulties. In four sessions, the participants' ability to manage their own energy without experiencing the heightened sensitivity or reactivity toward others (negative attitudes or behaviors) are realized. The lasting ability to demonstrate and maintain control over one's emotions is powerful. Participants are also provided with the materials they will need if there are future struggles; therefore, the need for additional help is significantly reduced. I invite you to contact me to experience this positive transformation for yourself.
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Individual counseling, ages 13 to 85.
Therapy approaches include:


  • Emotional Freedom Therapy and other energy psychology methods.
  • Cognitive / Behavorial therapy
  • Psychodynamic therapy approaches
  • Visual imagery
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Brief therapy

Psychological testing, including:

  • Testing for ADHD
  • Academic testing
  • Personality testing
  • Intelligence testing
  • Memory testing
  • Testing for Dementia
  • Testing for disability determination
  • Learning disability testing

Family counseling:
  • Addressing family issues as it relates to one family member's difficulties and the effect on the family
  • Families in transition
  • Families going through divorce
  • Blended families