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Information on Telehealth Services

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Due to the Corona virus and the CDC recommendations regarding social distancing, vulnerable populations and when to self-quarantine, the laws have relaxed for mental health providers who want to offer telepsychological services. In addition, the majority of major insurance companies have allowed for this benefit.
There are potential benefits and risks of video-conferencing (e.g. limits to patient confidentiality) that differ from in-person sessions.

Confidentiality still applies for telepsychology services and nobody will record the session without the permission from the other person(s).
We agree to use the video-conferencing platform selected for our virtual sessions, and Dr. Murray or her office manager will explain how to use it. We are using Doxy, a platform where all data is encrypted, your sessions are anonymous, and none of your information is stored. Doxy adheres to HIPPA, PIPEDA and GDPR data privacy requirements. 

You will need to use a webcam or smartphone during the session.Most laptops and tablets have an internal webcam and microphone and you can purchase a webcam to place on your monitor if you use a PC at a reasonable price.

It is important to use a secure internet connection rather than public/free Wi-Fi.

It is important to be on time. If you need to cancel or change your telappointment, you must notify Dr. Murray in advance by phone or email.
We need a backup plan (e.g., phone number where you can be reached) to restart the session or to reschedule it, in the event of technical problems.

We need a safety plan that includes at least one emergency contact and the closest emergency room to your location, in the event of a crisis situation.

If you are not an adult, we need the permission of your parent or legal guardian (and their contact information) for you to participate in telepsychology sessions.

The office manager will contact your insurance company to determine if your plan covers telepsychology session. However, you should confirm with your insurance company that the video sessions will be reimbursed; if they are not reimbursed, you are responsible for full payment.
As your psychologist, I may determine that due to certain circumstances, telepsychology is no longer appropriate and that we should resume our sessions in-person. 

You will be emailed or faxed a consent form to sign with the information above stated on the form.